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5 Mistakes to avoid while designing your home.



Creating a  focal point is very essential in an interior space. Most people do not create a focal point in the room, which makes it hard to take in the space as whole. Your mind is scattered all over the space,  to that over sized sculpture in the corner and the shining chandelier in the centre of the ceiling, or an oversized painting on the wall side of the statue.
All these things might or might not go well together, but is not appreciated as much.

It’s easy to create a focal point in a given area.  It’s basically the first thing you want them to see and admire as they enter. It could be a TV Unit, a designer chair or again a painting or a sculpture.



People often make the mistake of decide on wall paints instead of fabrics and textile s. This leads to a lot of hassle, because it is more difficult to find a matching fabric that goes with a particular shade of paint than to do it the other way round.
It is ideal to first look through samples of fabrics for rugs, carpets, pillows and sofas etc and then decide on a shade of paint that best compliments them.


6.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg

Almost everybody like hanging  some form of art on their walls.
Although the common mistake that people make is either overcrowding the wall, or placing artworks to gether  that do not compliment each other, in respect to their styles, size , scale, texture or form.
In order to avoid this mistake, one must play with the numerous placement option before hammering that nail into their walls, and decide on which is the best option that goes together.



What most people do while buying furniture, fabric or materials is making it an impulsive purchase.
And because of this, maybe the pillows match the sofa, but the curtains do not complement the .pillows. Maybe the TV unit and the centre table really go well together but the dining table stands out completely.
Maybe the sofa is too oversized for the room or you realize that you really did not need that designer mirror that costed you a fortune.
In order to avoid such expensive mistakes, it is very important to plan your purchase, decide on styles and measure your room before going to shop.



Just like it’s better to select fabric and textile before the painting process, it’s also more appropriate and essential to select furniture and materials  before selecting the color of your wall.
The reason behind this is that there are various furniture styles, and material with different textures and patterns, which only go along with  certain shades of paint.
Hence, it would be less of a hassle if you select your furniture and materials first.


Minimalist Decor.

A minimalist decor is the new trend of 2017 and is very easy to achieve.
It’s not only easy to maintain but it makes us more productive.
Here are some easy ways to go minimalist this year.


The first step in order to achieve a minimalist decor, is to get rid of unnecessary things.
To do so, it is ideal to start one room at a time, eliminate what you don’t need and most important everything you need should have its own place.

This step comes together eventually once you find a place for everything.
Since you have already gotten rid of most things, you will realize how easy it is to organize.


Remember since you have very less pieces of furniture or home decor to showcase, you would have to be emphasize on the quality.
After all, an iconic chair would look better than a stack of ugly looking ones.
Its more like keeping it simple but significant.
You can also makes these pieces of furniture or home decor stand out by color blocking them.
However, It is ideal to use a subdued color scheme while going for a minimalist look.

Little details in the decor really makes a difference and  it’s easy to highlight them
For example –
We could have a distressed look on the side table or a really decorative arm detail for one of the sofas.
Maintain consistency and simplicity while focusing o details is very essential.
Remember, while going minimalist…less is more….


How to- Clean your Chrome finished Sanitary Fittings.


Chrome finished Sanitary Fittings are pretty easy to maintain, however they do get dirty eventually and will need proper cleaning on a regular basis.

For Faucets  – mixer-tap-413745_1920.jpg

One can use a mild soapy cloth to rub down the grime from the fixtures and a toothbrush to scrub the stubborn built up.
Avoid using harsh products that contains chemicals, since


For Shower Head –bath-2192_1920.jpg

To clean the
built up from the shower head, you can fill a plastic bag with water, and equal amounts of vinegar to it. Tie the bag to the shower head for an hour.
Wipe the showerhead mildly with a soapy cloth and you will have a brand new looking shower head fixture.





Marble Flooring not only gives you the luxurious look but is also fairly durable than most flooring options.  However, there are always some advantages and disadvantages of every product and this post will help you make a wise decision on choosing the type of flooring you want to have for any given space.


There are various types of marble that vary in color and patterns. Both of these varieties creates an aesthetic impact on any given space. One can also create pattern inlays using marble that  could enhance the attractiveness of the flooring.

Marble Flooring can be repolished to attain the glossy and shiny appearance which makes it long lasting and gives value for money.


Cost of Luxury :
Marble Flooring is highly expensive when compared to other types of flooring.
There is also a high amount of wastage which adds to the cost factor of the product.

Marble Flooring is not suitable for spaces where liquid spills have a high chance of occurring like the kitchen or the bathroom. With constant use and repolsihing, the floor tends to get smooth and tends to get slippery.

5 Low Maintenance Houseplants.


Pot Medium - Chevron Black.:
Image Credit: TheThirdRow

Best suited for bedrooms and bathrooms, these plants can survive in humid conditions and requires minimal light to grow. It’s known for improving air quality, and for producing oxygen in the night. This beautiful yellow bordered leaf plant is easy to grow and requires very low – maintenance.

However, it’s said that it isn’t a very animal friendly plant, hence will have
to be kept away from the reach of them.

Care: Water this plant every alternate day, while giving it adequate indirect sunlight.


Once Upon A Tea Time.... Design Stories: Loving your home: Sigappi Annamalai in Coimbatore, India:
Image Credit: Collectivitea

Money Plant, which is usually known for giving good luck and prosperity,
can grow really well in low – light and humid conditions. It is recommended for
the Bedroom, Living Room and the Toilets as well. This plant really does bring
some life in the space. One can hang it in pots in the balcony, or pot it in a
wine bottle keeping the stems in water.

If planted n water, spray the leaves with water, once a week.If planted in soil, water the plant twice a week.Remember, if the leaves start to turn yellow it needs more indirect sunlight.


Growing Lucky Bamboo:
Image Credit: Houseplants.about

It is widely known as a plant that brings good luck and fortune

according to feng shui. The Bamboo plant also purifies the air, thus improving
the air quality to a greater extent. Recommended for Bedrooms and Livings
Rooms, this plant can be grown in soil as well as water.

Indirect Sunlight works best.To be watered only with distilled or boiled water.



DIY “Tea Bag” Plant Label ♥ 1. Find a large mug, and put your plant in place. 2. Staple a small strand of twine/string between a small folded rectangle. Label one side with your plant’s name, and the...:
Image Credit: Roselia-gardens


Being themost famous succulent type, Aloe Vera is known for its beauty benefits. All

though it looks beautiful in your balcony, i would prefer the kitchen window
for this beauty

It needs bright light, and not direct sunlight.It doesn’t need a lot of watering, although the soil should be kept moist.Keep a mental note – of not watering it too much , and allow the water to be



La Dracaena reflexa Song of India est une variété panachée, très populaire, de Dracaena de Malaisie. Les feuilles ont généralement des zones centrales vertes, entourées de jaune des deux côtés. Plus feuillue que la plupart des Dracaena, elle a tendance à former un arbuste buissonnant et ligneux d'1,20 m. Gardez cette plante dans une pièce lumineuse hors du chemin de toute lumière directe du soleil pour qu'elle prospère. Son habitat naturel est le sol de la jungle, où toute...:
Image Credit: Jardenetmaison

Best for
removing indoor toxins, this plant having evergreen leaves and thick irregular
stems is an ornamental houseplant. It needs very less water, and over –
watering it would in fact lead to rotting.
Bright indirect sunlight.
Over-watering can kill these plants, keep the soil moist but don’t water log it.